At Father Turcotte our Mission is to Love, Learn and Lead. The greatest commandment is to love one another so in all things we love first. If we live the Virtues, remember our Core Values and practice our 7 Habits – we will be successful learners and people. 

We Always remember that FMCSD schools have four core values – Persons, Community, Responsibility and Learning, It is who we are. If we live our lives with these values in mind, we will contribute to a loving world and maximize our success.

Every month we focus on a Virtue, one of our Core Values and one of our 7 Habits. We celebrate student success through being witness to each other’s leadership and display of the virtues.

Check our calendar for the next success assembly and come and see our mission in action!


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Fr. J.A. Turcotte O.M.I. School
8553 Franklin Ave
Fort McMurray, AB, T9H 2J5
Phone: 780-799-5772
Fax:  780-799-5781

Principal:  Jody Seymour

CST: Tracy Brown-Warr

Counsellor: Cecile Schoorlemmer

FNMI Liaisons: Janis Kendell