Date Change- Last Day of School

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We have worked hard this year to recover from the wildfire on May 3, 2016. Father Turcotte School has welcomed the students and staff from Good Shepherd School and Father Beauregard School. We have become one school family united in learning.

It took great effort and energy to set up this school to fit three schools in one!! The next step of our journey is preparing and moving back into our home schools. This process will be just as demanding as we divide resources, pack up teacher materials and move them back to Good Shepherd and Father Beauregard. In addition, classrooms within Fr. Turcotte will also shift and shuffle.

In order to make this transition as smooth as possible the following decision has been made. We will be ending the school year one day early for all students in Father Turcotte School to provide additional time for this move. The change of calendar dates will affect only Father Turcotte School and all other schools will follow the the District calendar published for 2016-2017. This decision has been given full support by Our District Superintendent.

Please mark your calendars with the following important changes:

Tues. June 27th – last day for EEP and Kindergarten students
Wed. June 28th – last day for students Grades One to Six
Thurs. June 29th – last day for support staff
Fri. June 30th – last day for teachers

Thank you for your all your support this year helping to make it a successful school year. It has been a one of recovery, rebuilding, learning and making new friends.

Laura Dennis and Leslie McPherson
Principals of Fr. Turcotte School

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